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Irish wolfhound facts || Irish wolfhound breed information

Pomtoy Dishu

Irish wolfhound facts || Irish wolfhound breed information

Irish wolfhound dog

irish wolfhound facts

irish wolfhound price in india

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irish wolfhound dog in india

About the breed
the clam dignified and kindly Irish wolfhound is the tallest of all A.K.C breeds once fearless big game hunters capable of dispatching a wolf in single combat wolfhound today are the most serene and agreeble of companions the animal Irish wolfhound is an immense muscular hound gracefully buit along classic greyhound line's capable of great speed the gallop amale might stand nearly 3 feet at the shoulder and weight up to 180 pounds females will run smaller but are still a whole lot of hound the rough hard coat comes in many colors Irish wolfhound are to serene to be fierce guard dog's but just the sight of them is enough to deter intruders Irish wolfhound are characteristically patient with kids thought animals there size should be supervised around small children owning an Irish wolfhound is a unique rewarding experience but acquiring a giant galloping hound is a commitment as big as the dog itself

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