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kangal dog | diet plan | amazing facts in hindi | animal channel hindi

Animal Channel Hindi

kangal dog | diet plan | amazing facts in hindi | animal channel hindi

Diet plan of kangal dog (3-6 months)

You should give your kangal dog pup delicate nourishment particularly drain till about a month and a half.

You require feed your kangal dog little dog 2 times each day between 8 to 12 weeks.

Nourishment given to kangal dog incorporate, eggs, bubbled vegetables, bread, drain and so on. It ought not be given more than 1/3 glasses for every dinner every day.

Diet plan of Mature kangal Dog ( 6 a year)

Following a half year little dog begins picking up development. Keep sustaining your kangal dog hound 2 times each day.

You currently need to include protein rich sustenance in your labrador hounds diet, for example, lean meat, eggs, liver, red meat bones, bubbled green vegetables, bananas and so forth.

Absolutely expel grain feed from your mutts diet.

Measure of feed ought to be 3/4 containers for every day.

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