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Karma Trick Dog Compilation 1

Good Karma

So im working on earning Karma's DMWYD Trick Titles!
Novice,Intermediate,Advanced,Expert, AND Trick Dog Champion!!

This is the first video Compilation featuring most of what he knows already. Got a handful more to video, that he already knows.
And a handful of things to learn yet!

We're having lots of fun though.

Not for any specific level since i'm kinda doing them all together/at once. But here's our first video Comp.

NOVICE: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Doggy Push Ups, Get Your Leash, Hand Signals, Kennel, Muffin Tin Game, Peekaboo, Shake, Spin, Hand Touch

INTERMEDIATE: Discern 3 Objects, Fetch to Hand, Hand Signals, Pull a Rope, Target Mat, Open a Door+Close a Door(Forgot to add the label for these 2 in the video)

ADVANCED: Backup, Head Down

EXPERT: Fetch me a Beer, Pickpocket Pooch

posted by Zanesi5t

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