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Knows Where the Bodies are Buried (part of the plan)

Lori Colley

New Q: Flynn is part of the plan, met with Mueller 19 times and gave "substantial" help--so little/no jail time!
Information from latest Q posts suggests Mueller working with White Hats to expose Hussein administration, HRC!
Thanks for watching and praying!

Q posts:

Q explanation:

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Backup Video Channel: Lori Colley at Latest Qanon Posts 12-6-18 : People awake are what they FEAR THE MOST. Latest Qanon Posts 12-4-18 Pt2 : More Delays.... Nature Video 1 - The future of this channel. New Q Where is Huber? 63,000 Arrests Moved to Dec 17th? Caravan To Midnight : John B Wells - Bill Majcher ( Part Two). Flynn is Safe Q2458 thru Q2551. The Global Reality Simulation System #Sirisys #Indra #Q #Qanon #Qdrop #QBombs. Q anon 12/6/18. 'Case study on the clinton foundation'. Q-DROP DEC 4/5th: IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER NOW. Qproof ! Did Flynn tell Mueller/Huber ‘’Where the bodies are’’ ? Get your popcorn ! The most important show to date - inthematrixx - master decoder - Anon - what is [P]. Gates Global Dimming Plan Not What You Think. QAnon Rundown-A Week In Review- ''Tis the Season of Treason!' 12-16. INCREDIBLE!! Mueller's BEEN HIDING THIS Over Cohen CASE! Rep.Meadows Just DECLARED ALL On LIVE TV!

posted by sorongkandd

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