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Knoxville Dog Trainers - 9 Month Old European Doberman Becomes an Off Leash Master!

Off Leash K9 Training of the South

Chief is a HUGE European Doberman with zero manners and if hooked to a firetruck I'm pretty positive he would have drug it down the street...Chief is strong, goofy, excitable, and only liked to do things on HIS terms!

During his Two Week Board and Train he became an amazing partner to take ANYWHERE! His Heel is extremely tight, and his obedience became overwhelmingly beautiful! Since he was doing so well I decided to make it more interesting by throwing in the Advanced Command Come to Heel, and also a Down from a distance! This big boy loved to show off every where he went, and I loved being part of it!

Having a huge dog like this means that having manners and obedience is a top priority, so Chiefs parents did the right thing by sending him to Camp for two weeks! I enjoyed every second with this love!

OLK9 Trainer: Alex

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posted by rhedegyddrc

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