meets the Balloon Popping Dog

LAwithKids meets the Balloon Popping Dog. Dorre Sitterly, a professional dog trainer, told us that the dog shown in the video is soon to become the world's top balloon popping dog. Her mom, Anastasia is the current champion. This was one of the many attractions featured at an event promoted by in our online weekly events section. Visit and sign up for our weekly newsletter. 3 Simple Science Experiments - Balloons. Learn Colours with Surprise Eggs! Opening 5 BIG HUGE JUMBO Surprise Eggs and Spelling Colours! Making Slime From Squishy Toys! Cutting Open Stretchy Man Balloon Pop Slime Doctor Squish. Twinkies 100 balloon pop. Mainan Anak Mandi Bola Warna Warni Lucu - Kids Pool Fun Balls Lifia Niala Playground @LifiaTubeHD. Best Funny Dogs vs Balloons Compilation 2014 || AHF. Indoor Playground Fun for Kids and Family Rainbow Slide Colors Play Ball | MariAndKids Toys. 54 balloons in 3.3 seconds. Mila (Jack Russell Terrier) vs 100 balloons in 24s.! Munchkin Cat Pops Water Balloons. Toddler Car Jacking. Funny Giant Balloon Prank Comedy for Kids | Learn Colors for Children, Toddlers and Babies. What do dogs do when they're home alone? *GOPRO SPYCAM FOOTAGE*. 40 Feet Weather Balloon Overfilled + Slow motion. Kids 72 Costume Runway Show.

by LAwithKidsTV

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