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Letting our DOGS Pick our MYSTERY SLIME – Challenge | PawZam Dogs

PawZam Dogs

PawZam Dogs pick their parents Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slay’s mystery slime ingredients in this dog vs dog challenge!

Peanut and Blackjack of PawZam Dogs compete in a funny dog challenge with their parents Matt and Rebecca. Blackjack gets to pick the DIY slime ingredients for Rebecca while Peanut picks the mystery slime ingredients for his dad Matt like Collins Key. Rebecca must use every ingredient her dog touches and the first ingredient he picks is clear glue. Peanut decides to touch the white clue and the diy competition begins. Each dog picks their favorite activator which is sta-flo and laundry detergent. The parents use food dye and Blackjack picks blue and Peanut picks green. Shaving cream and glitter are the final ingredients for this slime mixture. Which dog will make the best slime and win the challenge?

#slime #dogs #diy

Peanut and Blackjack’s Instagram

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