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Livestock Guardian Collaboration - Video #1 Chick-a-Woof Ranch

Chick-a-Woof Ranch

Livestock Guardian Collaboration Video #1 ChickaWoof Ranch

We are proud to announce the collaboration between several YouTube channels talking about the benefits of having a livestock guardian on any homestead, farm or ranch.

We hope this collaboration will give you a better understanding of how these guardians work on differing homesteads and how valuable they are in keeping our farms & homesteads predator free.

Thank you for watching and please be sure to check back next week to see...

Cog Hill will release their video on May 8th.​

The Texas Boys are scheduled for May 15th.​

The Grassfed Homestead will be ready on May May 22nd.​

Homestead Handyman is on May 29th.​

Teal House Farm will finish the scheduled videos on June 5th.​

Heritage Hills Farm is the first to join the collaboration and is set to publish their video on June 12th.​

This collaboration is open to all who are willing make and post a video to YouTube. If you have not made a video before maybe this will be the catalyst for you to start and if you are a experienced YouTuber... the more the better!

Thank you!!!!

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