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Maltese puppy goes to the doctor 🐶 How to let your dog be vaccinated?

Xanti el Cachorro Maltés

Instagram: Xanti_Maltese ( )

Today we went to the doctor (vet) to get Xanti vaccinated for the third time.

In the video we mention different parts of a vaccine, here is the explanation:

DHPPi = Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Infectious Laryngotracheitis, Parvovirosis and Parainfluenza

L = Leptospirosis

LR = Leptospirosis and Rabbies

These are divided in three parts going as follows:

1) DHPPi 2) DHPPi + L 3) DHPPi + LR

Afterwards it is possible to to add two doses of boreliosis vaccine.

The vaccine should be repeated yearly. :)

Take good care of your puppies.

And thanks for watching

posted by kositeo

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