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Miniature pinscher - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 interesting facts about the Miniature Pinscher, a fearless, playful and energetic dog breed.

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Short Miniature Pinscher description:
Miniature Pinscher should be between 10 to 12 inches tall which is 25 – 30 cms and 8 to 11 pounds heavy which is 3 and a half to 5 kg. The miniature pinschers posses an elegant square build.

As you can probably guess, this small dog is very energetic. They definitely need at least one daily long walk and they would love any kind of more exhausting exercise. But thanks to their small size, they are best suited for apartment living.

Miniature Pinschers are amazingly intelligent little devils. Which makes them capable to teach all kind of tricks, but sometimes it might be hard to keep their attention. But overall, Min Pins respond well to obedience dog training.

Miniature Pinscher facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:22 Not a Doberman
0:44 King of Toys
1:03 Giant personality
1:23 Intelligence
1:40 History
1:59 Active dogs
2:19 Not for novices
2:36 Size
2:54 Pedigree
3:16 Grooming

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3:20 By Feliyu Own work, Public Domain,
3:26 By Bovero gerino at Italian Wikipedia Transferred from it.wikipedia to Commons by Beta16 using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

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