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My cat thinks he’s a pit bull! HULK puppy KONG meets marvel


Swear my cat thinks he’s a Pitbull......he’s never seen another cat in his life passed leaving his litter.....he DEF thinks he’s a dog.....he Kinda is a dog minus the fact he’s a cat...if that makes any sense 🤔 but KONG found himself a friend 💞💞💞💞💞 The Most expensive dog chain? Big dog chains HULK in luxury. The Things I've done for photographs: EP 2 HULK & Puppies. THE HULK LIFE: its time to say goodbye till the next time!! THE HULK LIFE: HULK DID BITE WORK INSIDE OUR HOUSE!! ITS 18 OUTSIDE ITS GETTING SERIOUS! HULK Giant family Pitbull showing his son who’s the BOSS. Worlds largest Pitbull 'The HULK' pulls a Chevy TRUCK!! Must see!! THE HULK LIFE: wow they can recognize GUNS and disarm HULKS BACK. I trained my kids todo bite work with HULK he's only 1!! THE HULK LIFE: He saw the gun before me saved my life. Getting Smashed By Hulk - The World's Biggest Pitbull | DOG DYNASTY. GIANT family pit bull HULK family feuding moments of fatherhood. I picked up HULK and his whole family in 7 minutes 2000lbs plus of PIT BULL. THE HULK showing his son who’s boss (playtime). Giant family 180lbs pit bull THE HULK plays with tiny puppy 💕💕 SO CUTE! GIANT pitbull HULK guarding ATM.


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