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NASA's Original Post-Apollo Plans Were INSANE | Answers With Joe

Joe Scott

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In 1969, President Nixon created a commission to set the course for NASA's PostApollo years. What they came up with was a bold, ambitious vision of the future. One with multiple space stations, moon bases, regular travel to and from space with airlinelike frequency, and people on Mars in the 1980s.

It was overly optimistic and naive to say the least. But many of their ideas stuck around and shaped everything that's come since. It's an interesting look at a wild future that could have been.

Here's the full Task Group report if you'd like to read it:

And here's Werner Von Braun's Mars Projekt book:

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0:00 Intro
1:48 Werner Von Braun's ideas
5:02 The Space Task Group Report
6:25 The Mars Goal
8:50 Program Objectives
11:43 The Space Stations (plural)
13:19 The Space Transportation System
16:28 The Budget
17:40 What Parts Of The Plan Came True
18:50 What Might Have Been
21:14 Sponsor & Close

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