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New Guinea Singing Dog - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 facts about the New Guinea Singing Dog, a very rare and unique dog breed, with interesting vocalization.

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Short New Guinea Singing Dog description:
The New Guinea Singing Dog is a medium sized, athletic, muscular and agile dog breed, with relatively shorter legs and broad chest and with average height between 3146 cm, which is 1218 inch and weight is usually between 914 kg, which is 2031 lbs. These dogs also have robust paws, erect ears and mouth that turns up at the back corners, which is giving the dog smiling expression.

The New Guinea Singing Dog has a practical thick and dense double layered coat which comes in fawn or black and tan color. All dogs can be either with or without white markings. Puppies are born all black or dark brown with melanistic mask and they start having their adult color after two or three weeks of age.

New Guinea Singing Dog facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:34 Origin
1:11 Singing
2:26 Wild dogs
3:18 Rarity
3:40 Climbers
4:03 Size
4:30 Eyes
4:58 Coat
5:21 Maintenance
5:58 Health

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0:06 By Patti McNeal, cyclewidowpatti at, CC BY 2.0,
1:02 By Jean New Guinea Singing Dog, CC BY 2.0,
2:26 By Joanna Poe from Munith, MI, USA 20130925_151052, CC BYSA 2.0,
2:43 By R.G. Daniel, rgdaniel on, CC BY 2.0,
3:52 By M abdul hakim karnita widjaya Own work, CC BYSA 4.0,
4:38 By tomcue2 from Chicagoland, IL Night Stalker, CC BYSA 2.0,
5:36 By Asim Bharwani originally posted to Flickr as San Diego Zoo, CC BY 2.0,

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