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Get Free YouTube Subscribers, Views and Likes

NEW! Sponsorship LEVELS for Dog Training by Kikopup!

Dog Training by Kikopup

Hi everybody I have some awesome news! Youtube has changed their channel membership program so that you can choose the amount you wish to sponsor a channel per month.

To become a member click the JOIN button that is next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my Youtube Channel or click this link here if a join button does not show up on your device such as a phone: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikopup/...

The point of the channel sponsorship is so that I can indeed make YouTube my full time job which would be a dream for me because I believe I can reach so many more people and create so much more change with my message of training dogs without the use of physical or psychological intimidation on Youtube than me creating protected material or speaking at conferences where I’m literally preaching to the crowd who already is on the same pages me. I have traveled the world and I have spoken in every continent at seminars and conferences but the reach on the Internet is so much greater then one person flying around the world which I have been doing for the last 10 years and now I really truly believe that it’s possible for me to support myself through YouTube thanks to this new sponsorship program! The idea with the different levels of sponsorship is that you pay the amount you can afford to and if you can’t afford any level then you can enjoy watching the content knowing I’m being compensated for my work.

The three Kikopup sponsor levels:

Puppy $4.99/month
Exclusive MembersOnly Monthly Content A video post on dog training tips or a how to video will be made on the 1st week of every month.
Instructions: The posts will appear in the Community tab of youtube channel Kikopup. Which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikopup/...

Border Collie 24.99/month
Includes access to perks from previous level.
As well as, Vote on Kikopup's upcoming video topics
Each month you can vote on the video topic for an upcoming video on channel Kikopup.
Instructions: On the 1st of every month the poll will appear in the community tab on channel Kikopup and will remain there for the next 30 days for voting to take place. I will also reveal the video result from the previous month of voting. The community tab for channel Kikopup can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikopup/...

#1 Kikopup Sponsor $49.99/month
Includes access to perks from the two previous levels
As well as, a Shoutout in 1 video
After you become a sponsor I will say thank you to you and mention your name at the end of one of my videos. (I will do this just once in 1 video when the sponsorship begins and not every month)

Instructions: If your youtube or google account name is different than the name you want mentioned or you would like to remain anonymous, email me at [email protected] (just this email and no other email or social media site) BEFORE you become a sponsor so that I can confirm your request. The way the sponsorship works is that youtube handles all your personal info so the only info I see when you sign up is the name of your google or youtube account, so for some people this might not be their real name.

Prices for the different levels of sponsorship vary depending on what country you live in.

posted by Stoszycegw

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