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Norfolk Terrier | Norfolk Terrier Dog Breed | Top 10 Norfolk Terrier Facts from Doggo Love

Doggo Love

The NorfolkTerrier. Today we’ll be giving you our Top 10 amazing facts about the Norfolk Terrier…we'll talk about the Norfolk terrier temperament, personality, grooming, Norfolk terrier training and barking as well as fun video clips demonstrating the Norfolk terriers agility and hunting skills and of course we'll have some cute videos of Norfolk terrier puppies .

Learn how to develop your Norfolks Hidden Intelligence'>'>'>
Welcome to our Channel Doggo Love ! We just Love dogs and want to share the love with you ..with all our Dog Facts and dog information…we provide information and facts on all dog breeds and want to share our love for dogs with you in our dog videos.

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Big dog energy in a small dog’s body – that’s what best describes the Norfolk Terrier.
Standing at a maximum of 10 inches tall and weighing 12 pounds at most, Norfolk Terriers are definitely classified under small dog breeds.
However, don’t let their size fool you; having Norfolk Terriers as pets can be incredibly challenging. With their high energy level and impressive intelligence, this dog breed can be quite the handful.

Small dog breeds like the Norfolk Terrier can be an excellent option for animal lovers who don’t have the space for larger dogs. However, they are notoriously energetic and can be quite the handful, so don’t let their small size deceive you. While they’re not the type of dogs you can leave alone or spend your time lazing around with, they’re still excellent additions to any home. They’re affectionate, loving, and adorable; you wouldn’t want to stay away. If you think the Norfolk Terrier is the ideal pet for you, we recommend checking places where you can adopt one before going to a breeder.

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