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Norfolk Terrier - Top 10 Facts

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Norfolk Terriers are full of personality and have the typical temperament of a terrier – feisty and tough. Alert, gregarious, and nimble, Norfolks are loyal companions with the heart of a working terrier.

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In this video, we are counting down the top 10 facts about the Norfolk Terriers that you might not know.

A Quick Overview:
Group: Terrier Dogs
Weight: 11 to 12 pounds
Height: 9 inches to 10 inches tall at the shoulder
Life Expectancy: 1215 years

If you're seeking a lively canine companion who is fearless, yet affectionate, the Norfolk Terrier may be the breed for you. With a perky, outgoing personality, and tireless constitution, the 12pound Norfolk charms those who know and love him. Never boring, and certainly no couch potato, he is all terriertenacious, independent, hardworking, and charming.

The Norfolk is also incredibly cute. With small, dark eyes sparkling with mischief, and a scruffy, wiry coat, it's difficult to resist his appeal.

Norfolk Terriers have been known by different names over the years. They were called Cantab Terriers when Cambridge University students used to keep them as pets. They also have been called Trumpington Terriers, after a street in the area where the breed was developed. For a while, they were even called Jones Terriers, named after the man who first exported them to the United States.


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