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Norfolk Terrier vs Norwich Terrier - Differences


The Norfolk Terrier and Norwich Terrier are very similar, but not identical dog breeds. In this video i will tell you what are the differences between the Norwich and Norfolk Terrier and how to recognize them apart.

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To understand the difference between the Norfolk and Norwich Terriers, it is important to know the breeds history. It started in the second half od 19th century in English area called East Anglia, where local huntsmen developed a new breed by crossing several other breeds, most likely other terrier breeds like Glen of Imaal, Cairn, Irish and Dandie Dinmont Terrier and some local small red terriers.

The breed was recognized in 1932, when the first breed standard was written. The breed standard recognized two varieties of Norwich Terriers, one was pricked eared and the second was dropped eared. Later, in 1964, the dropped eared variety was separated from the Norwich Terrier and gained a name Norfolk Terrier.

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