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Only These Dogs Are More Expensive Than an Akita



When a baby is born in Japan, one of the gifts a family can receive is this. This small statue of Akita symbolizes health, happiness and a long life. But this dog breed is more valuable than that, it is said that for a time owning an Akita was forbidden for ordinary citizens and was allowed only for the Japanese royal family and very wealthy families as it was believed that this social class could take care of the Akita the way it deserves. The main characteristics of this breed are the height of up to 27 inches, weight up to 100 pounds and the very fluffy fur but despite their cute appearance, Akitas are stubborn and proud, which makes them quite dominant. I was almost forgetting the fact that they are known as one of the most loyal breeds that exist. Although history and loyalty can’t be bought with money, Akita still has a price which turns out to be quite high, from 2 thousand to 3 thousand dollars for purebred dogs. However, there are some other breeds that if you consider them will empty your wallet more than an akita.

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