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Our Crazy Puppy Growing Up 🐢⏰ 1 Second a Day for 1 year!!! 🐾 from Puppy to Adult!

The Cricket Chronicles

Our crazy little puppy is grew up WAY too FAST! ⏰ Here is a collection of shots... one second from EVERY DAY we've had Biscuit for a YEAR!!! Watch our little fire cracker grow from puppy to adult before your eyes. She's sure had a BUSY life so far!

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Mie nayme iz Krikut. An eye hav a channul awn Yootoob wit mie sistur Biskut. Shee duz lotz uv krayzee stuf. Wawch awl owr videeos cuz thay iz funn! And alwaez moar too kum!

Music: "Game Time 3" courtesy of Jingle Punks.
"Not Your Baby", "Old Times", "Upbeat Electronic Pop" and "A Short Stop in Rio" courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

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