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Owning a Boston Terrier?? | What you need to know!

Doctor Lindsay Butzer DVM

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The Boston Terrier is a cute, small and compact dog breed. Known as “The American Gentleman”, The Boston Terrier is a classic American dog breed that was accepted into the AKC in 1893 into the nonsporting group. This is one of the few dog breeds that originated in the United States.

So, what breeds made up the Boston Terrier?

The Story of the first generations of Boston Terriers is that they were a Mix of bulldog terriers and the English bulldog that created the cute tuxedo looking small bulldogs. Their body type is strong, compact, and well proportioned. Their heads are square and rather flat on top. They also have a short square muzzle. They are known for their large round appealing eyes that look like a baby. The ears generally stand small and erect like ‘bat” ears. They are born with genetically short or corkscrewed tails. They have a short and smooth haircoat that needs minimal grooming and care. Simple baths to keep them clean is all they need.

Boston Terriers have a good amount of energy and excel at agility. They are a quiet dog breed that normally doesn’t bark too much. They love giving kisses and super affectionate. They are very family friendly and normally always friendly with strangers, other dogs and are good with cats! I highly recommend this dog to anyone looking for a nice family dog.
Boston terriers technically have 3 weight categories with their range being 10 to 25 pounds.
The life span of a Boston Terrier is between 11 and 13 years old. Although some of them of course can live longer.

A famous Boston terrier I want to mention is Sergeant Stuby who was assigned to the 26th Division in World War I. He served for 18 months and participated in 17 battles on the Western Front. He saved his troops from surprise mustard gas attacks and comforted the wounded. I would do an entire video about Sergeant Stubby but lets get back to the Boston Terrier Breed.

So The accepted AKC colors of the Boston Terrier are Brindle, Black, and Seal with White markings.
For Show Boston Terriers the Required Markings are a White muzzle band, even white blaze between the eyes and over the head, white collar, white fore chest, white on part or whole of forelegs and hind legs below the hocks. There are many other colors of sweet Boston terriers such as: chocolate, liver or red, Blue or even solid colors, but these are not yet considered the classic show quality colors.
Since I am a veterinarian, I want to cover some of the common health issues associated with the Boston Terrier for you to look out for if you are getting one.

First is that they are a Brachycephalic dog breed meaning they have those smooshed in faces that can cause breathing issues, they can’t tolerate heat and they need special care at the vet if they are to undergo anesthesia.

Secondly, are their budging eyes predisposing them to having cherry eye, eye injuries, dry eye that can lead to corneal ulcers, and glaucoma due to bulging eyes blocking the tear draining system.

They are an allergic dog breed along with our boxer dogs, and frequently come to the vet for scratching, licking, and chewing at their paws. This can be managed with allergy pill, allergy injections, regular bathing and occasionally antibiotics and antihistamine pills.

Lastly, they are prone to spinal injuries, slipped discs or intervertebral disc disease and a common spinal abnormality in compacted bully breeds called hemivertebrae which is a congenital abnormality where the vertebrae are deformed in a wedge shape that causes compression and twisting of the spinal cord leaving them with nerve damage, urinary incontinence issues, paralysis and in pain. Some mild cases can be treated with pain medication and antiinflammatories and rest while other may need a surgery done by a neurologist to fix the issues, called a hemilaminectomy.

Of course all breeds will have a laundry list of disease that they can get..
So please don’t let this deter you from getting a sweet Boston Terrier!!!

Thank you for watching this video and I hope you learned something new about the Boston Terrier!
Dr. Lindsay Butzer

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