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Owning An Australian Shepard| Caroline Mason

Caroline Mason

This is a video all about owning an Australian Shepard!

On my channel you can find Pet care, Tutorials, hauls, cute pet videos & more! I currently own 3 animals! An Australian Shepherd named Toby, a little gray kitten named Juneau!, and a Cairn Terrier mix named Mollie! used to post hamster videos, but sadly after the hamsters passed away, I have started posting more cat and dog care videos! I have taken care of all sorts of animals such as hamsters, fish, frogs, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, lizards, and turtles! I also ride and help take care of horses! I have a passion for animals and hope to become a veterinarian someday!

Current Animals
Toby- 3 yr old, Australian Shepard Mix
Juneau- 8 Month Old, Chartreux
Mollie- 4 yr Old, Jack Russel Cairn Terrier Mix

Just Remember I Am Not A Vet, If You Have Emergency Pet Questions Go To A Vet! I can't answer any medical questions about your specific pet, I am not qualified to do so.

Thank You, Enjoy The Videos!

posted by mopopopoh2

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