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Papillon / 99+1 Dog Breeds

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The Papillon. She’s one of the most obedient of the toy dog breeds, her responsive and bubbly personality is nicely juxtaposed by a gentle and extremely playful temperament. With other dogs and household pets she is more than friendly, she also quite likes strangers.

Most obedient small dog / Vivacious and responsive… gentle and playful / Likes just about everyone!

She can be quite a timid little thing, she is also pretty delicate and can’t be played with too roughly by kids or other dogs, but despite this she adores children and will be in her element when she’s around them.

Timid and delicate / Easily injured by accident / Really loves kids

Not so good in the cold, this little lady much prefers warmer conditions, but not too hot of course. Although a hugely affectionate and trusting dog, she’s not a complete pushover and will keep a keen eye over the family as an effective watchdog.

Prefers the warm / Trusting to a point… great neighbourhood watch skills

She thrives on mental and physical stimulation and loves a daily walk on a lead. If you’re not in the mood for walking she’ll be more than happy with a stimulating game in the garden or around the house. Her coat will need a brush once or twice a week, just to keep her comfortable.

Needs stimulation and daily exercise / Her coat needs moderate care

Fun facts: Her name ‘Papillon’ is french for butterfly. This is so because the face and ears of a well bred example should resemble a butterfly when viewed headon. This little dog used to have droopy ears, but at some unknown point in her history the breed’s ears became erect and are still like it today!

Her name mean butterfly / Ears mysteriously perked up at some point!

The Papillon. A wonderfully gentle little lapdog for families with kids.

Wonderful, gentle family lapdog.


posted by bogenuo

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