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Parent dogs looking after a stranger puppy like their own darling baby

SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

Dongdong & Sue looks after the foundling Soojung who's appeared one day out of the blue..
The Crew makes efforts to track down where this limping dog could have possibly come from... 저돌적으로 고양이 젖먹는 멍뭉이들. 진도개는 내 남편! 그녀의 인연 [전국시대]. The story of the monkey wandering around Bukhan mountain for 5 months... has come to an end! Grandma dog milking and raising cat granddaughter. 'I know what to do because I'm a smart dog^^'. Moongchi's revenge.. The surprising secret and how it turned out. (궁둥이에..)막 들이대는 영애씨? 매일 포메를 업고 다니는 할머니의 사연.. 섬초딩 소연이와 犬견학생 4마리의 휴가같은 일상 'ㅅ'. It's hard to see this combination unless you're watching the Lion King. Dog giving birth to a kitten...? Oh my world... The world's happiest dog Baekgu. Dog in the video: 'What the heck are you looking at you mongrel!'. Retriever cubs go begging for breast milk to the dog next door everyday. Other dogs use Rottweiler as a bed LOL even so does the pig.

posted by Schineajx

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