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Part 1 - Australian Shepherd with Puppy Problems – Overexcited, Jumping, Pulling, Barking, Whining

The Toronto Dog Whisperer AKA - Dog Behaviouralist

In this episode of the Toronto Dog Whisperer I introduce you to Ari, a five month old Australian Shepherd puppy.

Ari has several issues resulting from an excess of energy.
Some of her symptoms include barking, pulling on leash, whining, lunging, blood shot eyes, and jumping up on people.

I need to establish a foundation of leadership, trust to begin the process of recovery and do some off leash exercises. Flip Training 101. How To Leash Train A Puppy (Australian Shepherd). 11 Proven Ways Dogs Say 'I Love You'. Australian Shepherd Puppy Tricks - 4 Months Old. How to crate train a puppy. Australian Shepherd Videos Compilation - Funny Cute Australian Shepherd Puppies and Dogs Playing. Jumping Border Collie | Dog Whisperer. 10 THING TO KNOW BEFORE GETTING AN AUSTRALIAN SHEPARD. If Your Puppy Won’t Pay Attention, Here’s What To Do! Clicker train your Australian shepherd: A Quick Intro & the Name Game. A Lesson in Aggression | Dog Whisperer. Australian Shepherd Dogs 101 (Aussie) Facts. Crazy Australian Shepherd Puppy - Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE. Correcting the Nervous Energy | Cesar Millan's Dog Nation. Groom Your Australian Shepherd A Basic Introduction.

posted by NecyVottody8u

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