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Pet Elephant meets her friend after a year ★ AMAZING Bond of Love


The man calls the elephant and then watch the happy elephant show her love and affection, running to her owner. Dogs are famous for showing love to their owners when they meet after long time. (Videos with the tag, Try not to cry!) Elephants can also be like dogs. They are just overgrown dogs. 😁

Kerala's elephants are one of the most compelling reasons for spending your holidays in Kerala. You will get a chance to interact with these wonderful animals.

The gentle giant in the video is so adorable. She came running from a distance of around half a km hearing her owner's voice from the valley of the mountain. I started shooting halfway and missed to shoot the beginning.

This video was shot using a Canon IXUS 70.

PS: Never go near elephants (or any animal) without supervision. Animals might react differently to strangers. A Man Call Elephant. TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time II [NEW] (HD) [Funny Pets]. Cute Baby Elephant Gets Frustrated After Chasing A Dog. Amazing elephant friendship with human. Elephant Recognize To The Women Who Visit Her Since 1992. Baby Elephant Surprises Caretaker with a Hug. Elephant love. Baby Elephant ATTACKS Man | The Dodo. Herd of Elephants Help an Elephant Calf After Collapsing in the Road. When he plays his Native flute, this elephant starts dancing! Zärtliche Rüsselei zwischen Victor und Drumbo Berliner Zoo am 27 03. Emotional Reunion with Chimpanzees. Elephant acts protective over her favourite person. Elderly Elephant Starts Crying When Man Plays Piano For Her. Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years - Truly Heart-warming.

posted by fetisetse7p

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