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Pitbull attacks a horse and pays the price!!!

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A pit bull attacks a horse, luckily no animals were harmed and it all ended well for both pitbull and the horse. فهد يظهر فجأة لكلب نائم سبب له حالة من الرعب والهستيريا !! What Makes Bulls Angry? When Horses Attack Part 1, Mike Hughes, Auburn California. Stupid Shih Tzu Owner!!! Dog Attack! Attacked by pitbulls, stray dog 'Little Strong' in China fights on. Angry Dogs Vs Bikers - WHEN DOGS ATTACK!! (Or Just Want to Say Hi). Pitbull resgate rua 12 Cidreira RS. Turkish Kangal vs Wolf test. Pit bull vs Bull Mastiff. Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses - Baby animals #19. How to avoid dog attacks with Body language and energy #5. Rottweiler snatches the dog off owner's hands!!! Dog Breeds That Can Kill A Wolf!!! Big black Coyote Attacks the dog!!!

posted by iddnc

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