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Pointer Dog Breed - Information Characteristics Facts

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The Pointer ranks number one hundred and fourteen out of one hundred and ninetyseven dog breeds on the AKC (American Kennel Club) list of most popular dog breeds in the USA.

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They are a mediumsized dog growing up to 28 inches in height and weighing up to 75lbs. The males are always a little bigger than the females. The AKC has placed the breed in the sporting group of dog breeds.

Pointer History

Pointers date back to late 16th century England; records suggest the dog was a product of breeding between greyhounds, foxhounds, a spaniel, and bloodhounds.

The first few Pointers were aggressive dogs, nothing like the modern Pointer, which is why breeders probably began crossbreeding with setters to reset such aggressive tendencies.

It must have worked well because today's Pointers are not aggressive or ferocious dogs.

The Pointer is socalled because once it finds its target, his body will go rigid, pointing in the direction of his find. Best known for retrieving game birds, they began life finding hares for greyhound owners to bet on whose greyhound would catch the hare first.

Once guns became the bird hunters' choice, the breed began pointing duties; they are still a popular choice for hunters after game birds.

Pointers made the journey over to America, arriving just after the American Civil War. Initially famous down in the south for hunting quail.

Pointer Appearance

The Pointer's head is broad across the top, narrowing down to a long muzzle. With floppy ears that are high on his head. His body is long, supple, and muscular; he looks ready to spring into action in an instant.

A longtail tapering to a point, when he's pointing his whole body, including the tail, goes rigid and appears to stretch.

Pointers have a smooth short coat that sheds profusely, especially during seasonal changes.

There are various coat colors, black on white being the most common; however, Pointer's coats can also be liver, yellowbrown, or lighter brown markings. Some Pointers might even have a combination of three colors.

Pointers can live up to 14 years.

Pointer Personality And Temperament

Pointers are happygolucky family dogs, he may not be able to forget his birdhunting days, but he's happiest when he's with his family, which also includes the family's children. He definitely expects to be part of everything the family does.

Pointers make excellent watchdogs and alert you at the first sign of anything unusual going on around your property. The Pointer can take a little time to warm to strangers, but he doesn't display any aggression to humans or other animals.

Pointer Exercise

When Pointers are growing dogs, be careful not to exercise more than they can handle. They need time for their bones and muscles to develop fully. Generally, they should be at least eighteen months before you can let them loose so they can exercise to their heart's content.

If you ensure he visits the vet regularly throughout his puppy months and adolescence, then the vet will be able to advise when your Pointer can fully exercise.

As we mentioned, they love to be with their family, hanging out around the home. But don't let that fool you. They need exercise and masses of it.

They are born to run, and if you're going to be a Pointer parent, you need somewhere he can run offleash to burn off what you're going to think is an endless supply of energy.

Another way to help him exercise fully is to join any dog agility club to show off their agility, obedience, and tracking skills.

Without your Pointer being able to exercise as much as he needs, it will eventually lead to boredom, and he won't be able to handle the pentup energy mentally. This frustration will lead to behavioral issues such as destructiveness.

Pointer Training

A Pointer is an intelligent dog and will soon realize that he doesn't have to do what you tell him if he doesn't want to. So anyone thinking of owning a Pointer should be experienced in handling dogs.

Firsttime owners might struggle with their stubbornness. Having said that, if you are firm, consistent, patient, praise him constantly, and practice rewardbased training, you'll do fine.

Training and socializing needs to begin as soon as you take your Pointer puppy home. The optimum period for training is between six and sixteen weeks.
Hopefully, your breeder has already started socializing him at least a couple of weeks before you pick him up. Socialization is crucial if you want to have a wellbalanced Pointer down the road. You definitely don't want an anxious and fearful dog the size of Pointers.

Conclusion Is The Pointer Right For You?

A Pointer is for you if:
● If you want a medium to large dog, that is an absolute athlete.
● Energetic and requires at least two hours of vigorous exercise each day.
● He is a happy family dog and friendly with children and other pets.
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