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Police Detective Arrested For Drunk Driving

Real World Police

The following is the report of Deputy Chief Paul Brock:

On October 25, 2019 at 10:36pm, I was off duty at my residence when I received a phone call from Lieutenant Marc Pacheco, L282. Lieutenant Pacheco called to advise me that graveyard officers had been dispatched to a possible intoxicated driver and located the vehicle on Highway 70 near the Mesa Grande exit. He stated that the driver of the vehicle was Stephanie Carabajal. He further indicated that the officers were standing by waiting for Sergeant Feliciano Garcia L737 to arrive at the location. I then immediately placed a phone call to Deputy Chief Miguel Dominguez as he is the Deputy Chief over investigations. I placed a second phone call to Lieutenant Pacheco and asked him to request that New Mexico State Police conduct the investigation into this incident.

I then proceeded to the scene from my residence. I arrived at the location near 11:15 pm and contacted Sergeant Garcia. Sergeant Garcia gave me a quick briefing of the circumstances and stated that Ms. Carabajal was seated inside her vehicle and they were waiting for state police to arrive.

I observed Ms. Carabajal’ s vehicle facing east bound partially parked in the outside lane and partially on the roadway shoulder. A blue Nissan pickup displaying NM license plate NWR204. I stood by until state police arrived and began an investigation. I stood next to the state police unit as the state police officer and Sergeant Garcia contacted both the witness and Ms. Carabajal. I observed Ms. Carabajal exit her vehicle from the passenger front door and walk back towards the state police unit. While walking back Ms. Carabajal lifted her arm up to block the light from the emergency lights on the state police unit. She then sat on the front bumper area of the unit and had a conversation with the state police officer. Shortly thereafter Ms. Carabajal was placed into handcuffs by the state police officer and placed in the rear seat of his unit. I could not hear the conversation that Ms. Carabajal had with the officer as I was not close enough and the engine noise from the unit prevented me from hearing it.

After Ms. Carabajal was arrested, I placed another phone call to Deputy Chief Dominguez advising him of what occurred. After speaking with DC Dominguez and walking back to speak with Sergeant Garcia I passed by the state police unit and Ms. Carabajal attempted to speak with me through the open window. Ms. Carabajal stated to me “DC Brock, I wasn’t driving.” I told her to stand by and the state police officer would be back to speak with her. This was the only contact or conversation I had with Ms. Carabajal as I did not want to interfere with the investigation. I was only at the scene to gather information to provide to DC Dominguez and Chief Gallagher at a later time and ensure that all departmental policies and procedures were [misspelled "where" in the original] followed regarding an incident of this nature.

I had another short conversation with Sergeant Garcia and then left the location proceeding back to my residence near 12:10 am October 26, 2019.


A copy of the police report and all officer narratives is available on Patreon.


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