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Positive ONLY Dog Training is a LIE - Train Your DOG the BEST WAY

Robert Cabral

Positive only dog training is a lie that is sold to unsuspecting dog owners and newbie trainers. This lie costs many dogs their lives when they end up in shelters because the training didn't work. The truth is that these dog trainers failed the dogs because their egos got in the way. Using corrections and some aversives on dogs is a clear and effective way to train a dog. If you're not willing to give a dog a correction, you are confusing and abusing that dog. Helping dogs learn with balanced training is the best thing we can do for them.

I've trained countless dogs using a balanced dog training method. This has worked for dogs including pet dogs, shelter dogs with severe behavior problems, competitive obedience dogs, protection dogs and more. I have no problem if someone wants to use a clicker, treats and or toys. But don't tell people that they can NEVER use corrections, prong collars, choke chains, electronic collars and the like. These tools can be abusive, YES, but they are designed to be a fair communication and to save lives!

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posted by DymnSmeklynetud

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