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PRiNCESS MAKEOVER the MOVIE!! Adley u0026 Fairy Mom do a surprise disney spa mystery guest CRAB DAD 🦀

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

The Ultimate Disney Princess Makeover Movie!!
Belle, Cinderella, Frozen Elsa, Merida, Snow White, Rapunzel, Peach, and more!


HEY EVERYBODY!! While taking a nap by the fireplace I woke up and had a sudden urge to read my books! I've been getting into reading a lot lately so I thought it would be a perfect time! While picking out my book a fairy popped out and invited me to a Grand Opening of the new Library in the Castle! I always love to go to special events and I need to get dressed for the occasion! There is only one place I'll go to get ready for such an event! The Princess Store!! I was so excited to go there and get all ready and to see Fairy Godmother and Godfather! When I got there though Godmother had Purple hair and Godfather was a crab!! I guess they have been messing around with magic again!! As usual, we got ready by getting me a dress, shoes, and accessories! I chose to dress up as Princess Belle because she loves books as well! After getting all that sorted out we moved onto my hair and makeup because I wanted to look my best! All of us were having such a fun time and I couldn't wait to go to the Grand Opening! We love doing these Princess Videos because I love dressing up, and we wanted to show you all of our favorite Princess Videos that we've made!

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Bye vlog pshhhhh

posted by mzjanjantd

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