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PROOF Dogs Are The Most Dramatic Animals


Please show some love and follow these funny, adorable, and quirky pups featured in this video! A big thank you to all the dog owners for letting us share your dogs to the world! All clips seen in this video have been approved to share on DogSquadTV by the original content creators and were unlicensed at the time of publication. If a copyright claim or strike is issued, we will appeal with proof of consent and approval from the original creator. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the video!

In order of appearance:

Gunner.the.vizsla: vizsla scales fence chasing after squirrel

J_shawcross: pug hates getting his nails trimmed

Ticiakinhart: pitbull cries with crying baby

Meeshkaeliza: australian shepherd goes crazy over treat button

Mozacher: siberian husky dramatically plays with toy on bed

Shadow.thesweetest.husky: husky puppy runs inside and lays down on AC vent

Jess.untamed: red heeler gets caught sleeping on the job

Alongsidelola: golden retriever lays down on dad while he works on the car

Joh_jam: golden labrador gets pets from neighbor through fence

Eriszoi: tall borzoi peaks over the fence to spy on neighbors

Kimmonroe9: australian shepherd doesn’t like belly raspberries

Maddiemjn: yellow labrador gets stuck on box and starts wobbling

Goldengirl_xena: golden retrievers are baffled by newly installed yard sprinklers

Psiionics: great pyrenees teases and scares human

Bonitaabee: chihuahua won’t let dad see what’s in her mouth

Herchercules_: american bully runs to owner ready for a walk with leash in mouth

Taurathexplora: siberian husky gets bombarded by mom and dad’s kisses

Kmartcowboy: blue heeler throws tantrum in car after dad won’t let him chase cows

Carleysmells: labrador puppy sticks its head out of backpack

Belindasmegler: golden retriever puppy falls off bed

Amethyst_aliana: american bulldog snores loudly in bed

Cavachonchelsea: cava chon jumps out of backpack and surprises best friend

Finthedachshund: wiener dog puppy adorably slides down ramp from couch

Kevinvera__: rottweiler puppy falls over after trying on and hating new jacket

Dante_donati: yellow labrador gets dramatic with dad over waiting for food

Elisexx01: pug gets left out in the rain

Oscy.walty.cayde: basset hound gets in his feels driving home in the car

Manwith2dogs: man drags malamute out the back door after he won’t get up

Aiyanajane: husky throws tantrum while getting a bath

Bymysibe: husky puppy screams and doesn’t like crate training

Dragoonsquad: mini pinscher gets the googly eyes

Torilicious666: black labrador bites mom

Emcoffe: golden retriever puppy gets scared and hides from vacuum

Mandothepupp: wiener dog sings along to some Taylor Swift

Jmarbran: yorkshire terrier gets scared by mom

Jadeandnovajean: english bulldog runs from owner and slides under bed

Bailey.stetz: boston terrier jumps over brother playing in creek

Kcrawford8: golden retriever puppy plays on swing in the backyard

Goldenlifeofbailey: golden retriever gets in staredown with cat

Katiebenefiel6: german shepherd drags kiddy pool through doggy door

Cash_guzman41: french bulldog puts arm around crush

posted by Caramassiof

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