Puppies getting their first shots !

michael jamison

The puppies are being vaccinated against 5 diseases and this is their first shots.
it is important to mark the puppies so that You can keep track with which ones already received their shots , they can get mixed up very easy and that can result in one puppy missing out on their shot , so please mark them well and keep them seperate from the ones that did not receive it yet! TOP HIGHLIGHTS of FUNNY PUPPIES that will make you LAUGH - Funny DOG compilation. Puppies and Babies Playing Together Compilation (2014). kids getting shots compilation (extremely funny). Husband Surprises Wife by Filling House With Puppies! Funny And Cute Husky Puppies Compilation #7. What do dogs do when they're home alone? *GOPRO SPYCAM FOOTAGE*. Can Diego hop like a bunny ? While feeding the tigers! Tigers are utterly magnificent ! Earphone users ,hear the sound of this tiger! How strong is a tiger in one of his toes ? Fast Workers God level 5. Best way to fight a tiger ! (The part that might just save Your life). The Diego and Enzo tiger test ,on the roof ! My 12 year old getting his shots.

by michael jamison

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