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Puppy Gets Giant Tennis Ball Surprise: Cute Puppy Dog Indie Gets Epic Ball Pit w/Tennis Balls!


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Watch Cute Puppy Indie Get Surprised first with an EPIC Drop of Tennis Balls Down the Stairs, then a GIANT Tennis Ball, er, actually two Giant Tennis Balls! This cute puppy dog is minding her own business when she sees a tennis ball appear out of literally nowhere. The playful puppy jumps off the couch, and a few more balls roll over to her on the floor. She happily plays around with the balls until she sees where they're coming from (the stairs), and then rushes up to the steps, but cannot believe her eyes when an epic amount of tennis balls come tumbling down the stairs...a surprise she can't even imagine! Just when she thinks the fun is over, a giant tennis ball comes down the stairs, and then later, an even bigger, maybe even the biggest Tennis Ball in the world rolls down to surprise the excited beagle puppy, who has the best time running around and chasing the huge ball!

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posted by Bellignoh5

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