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Puppy Package Thief || ViralHog


Occurred on July 25, 2018 / Palm Coast, Florida, USA

"Palm Coast Porch Puppy Pirate caught Red-Pawed! I checked with Amazon to see where my overdue package was. The information they provided indicated that it was delivered 7 days earlier at 3:17 on July 25. I backed up my security camera footage and it showed the mailman delivering it. Moving it ahead 90 minutes, I discovered the neighbor's puppy carrying it off. He would stop and look around to make sure nobody was watching. He carried it back to his yard, and started opening it. Later that day when the neighbors returned, we walked around the house and found the puppy's stash. It had been raining everyday for a week, but we found the contents of the Amazon box scattered about, but undamaged in their protective boxes. The best find was discovering my recently purchased expensive prescription sunglasses undamaged in their chewed up metal case. They had disappeared three weeks earlier. I also found a few things I didn't realize were missing, such as a garden hose nozzle and brush! When I first saw the video I didn't find it amusing, but quickly changed my mind when my friends found it hilarious and watched the clip over and over!"

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posted by bezique8k

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