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Puppy Socialization + Training Brie Briard: Let’s Go Downtown | Sit | Rooster | Blue Ridge GA

Sit Up N Listen Dog Training

Brie (Briard Breed) came into my life when she was 8weeks old. Currently, she is approximately threemonthsold..

The socialization period is between birth and approximately 4months of age. I recommend that families focus on socialization during this important time. It is important after this developmental period that socialization continues throughout the dog’s life.

Today, Brie visited Blue Ridge, GA for the first time. There were many socialization “first time” experiences. Noises such as children, rooster, and cars provided learning opportunities about our beautiful planet.

As Brie grows formal training will begin, at 6months old, and she can help out in Sit Up N Listen Dog Training as a demonstration dog and also a distraction dog for the 2week board and train program.

I’m using marker training, in this video, for the walking command “let’s go” and “sit”.

Brie’s Welcome Home journey:
Day 1    • Puppy Socialization + Training, Brie,...  
Day 2    • Puppy Socialization + Training, Brie,...  
Day 3    • Puppy Socialization + Training, Brie,...  

Thanks for watching!
Mona Cosse, RN, MSN, BS Psychology
Sit Up N Listen Dog Training | Blairsville, GA
Sit Means Sit Certified Remote Collar Trainer
2Week Board and Train Program

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