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Rescue an Abandoned Puppy Covered by Thousand of Ticks And In Suffered from Severe Anemia


►Rescue an Abandoned Puppy Covered by Thousand of Ticks And In Suffered from Severe Anemia
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►Little Stuart captured our hearts when he was found severly malnourished, covered in ticks, and sucked dry of any viable blood. Only weeks old, he survived a life-saving blood transfusion and fought to overcome a slim chance to survive.
Today.... he's adopted, happy, and thriving as he continues to grow at now 35 pounds!

►information source: credit for all rescuer & adopter, please support them to rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:
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No copyright infringement is intended Terrified and in pain, poor dog amazing transformation after rescue ! This man cleaning trash in a garden thought they found abandoned puppies but ... Rescue an Abandoned Wet Dog With Weird Tied Around His Neck, Starts Crying. Rescue a Poor Homeless Dog Cover by Thousand Ticks On His Body Ears & Body. Crushed Puppy Saved by a Hunch. Epic puppy rescue - 18 feet into the earth!!! Dangerous Hope For Paws rescue! Rescue a Stray Little Dog Is Under All That Matted Hair & Made The Most Beautiful Transformation. Rescued a homeless pregnant dog + newborn 8 puppies. Please share so we can find them new home! Girl Rescue the Dog stuck in mud give Food and Treatment. Rescue the little dog from Tunnel Give Food and Vet Dog. Rescue a Homeless Mom and Puppies In Outside The Town, She cried When Went to Found her Puppies. Rescue an Abandoned Puppy With Mouth Taped Shut & Thanks The Man Who Saved Him. Injured Puppy Rescued from the wood with Heartbroken. Rescue a Homeless Dog That Will Melt Your Heart and Amazing Transformation. Rescue an Abandoned Dog in Horrific Condition Expected to Recover.

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