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Rescue Puppy from a Garbage Pond with a Heartbroken


This puppy is rescued from a garbage pond, it’s very lucky that he’s survived because he got rescue in time but another three puppies were died in the pond. Now this little puppy is getting sweet forever home and his whole life will be good, happy, joyful.

Courtesy: Oranuch Nuch Banyam Rescue abandoned dog gave birth to six puppies in forest. PUPPY RESCUE: You Won't Believe How Many Puppies Are Rescued From A Muddy Hole | The Dodo. Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog - The transformation will amaze you! Please share. Mother and 9 puppies at dead end street. Macon bibb Animal welfare. Stuck for hours in rock-solid tar, puppies rescued. Watch til the end. Rescue a Scared Homeless Puppy with a Heart Broken. Rescue puppies stuck in deep hole of wheat straw. Girl Rescue the Dog has fallen in Well Give Food and Vet. Caring Girl rescue the homeless baby dogs in garbage. Scared Dog Stuck on Busy Road, Now is Safe. When This Rescued Pit Bull Stepped Inside Her New Home, The Animal’s Reaction Was Unforgettable. A puppy in trouble (with a happy ending!) - Stray Rescue of St.Louis. Villager Saved Dog from Being Tied up in a Sack and Threw into Brook. VET SAVES LITTLE PUPPY... AND THE WORLD FALLS IN LOVE ! RESCUES ABANDONED LITTLE PUPPIES NEAR THE RURAL ROAD | POOR HOMELESS DOGGIES.

posted by setadac4

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