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Rescue story of an abandoned, injured dog who loved people

The Orphan Pet

Charlie was rescued from a horrible place, where apart from the existing strays, it is infamous because there are dog owners who actually drive there, to abandon their unwanted dogs, and come back without them. Apsropyrgos is an industrial suburb in the outskirts of Athens, and a wasteland. Ellie, Laura and I spent a whole day there, going around with a local volunteer who rescues, feeds and cares for dozens of stray dog. One of them was Charlie, who had just been abandoned there and was too loving to ignore. He just begged us to take him with us and we did. You know once you take them off the street, put them in your car and then your house, you immediately look at them differently. On the street, you see a stray, at home you see a pet. And Charlie is a perfect pet. He is still very young, and the remains of his puppyhood make him a big baby sometimes, but you know what? He deserves to enjoy some of the puppyhood he lost. He is a dog that knows he belongs with people. The house is his natural habitat, the humans are his species and the communication he has with us tells a lot about who he is, and about who dogs are in general. My Charlie was rescued back in January 2017. I fostered him for a month before I left for abroad, and now that I am back, he is back home with me again. Believe it or not, he has grown during those few months. He was only about one and a half, maybe two years old when he was rescued, and he is still maturing. Charlie is reserved, and the family waiting for him could not be more perfect. When you rescue any dog, you keep looking at him and every time, there is one thought that goes through your head. “What if I hadn’t put you in my cat that day? Where would you be now?”
I don’t know where he would be really. Maybe I shouldn’t think about it at all. Charlie is the perfect example of how a dog that comes right from the streets can be a perfect family pet, with a bit of training and loads of love. Charlie is a dog, that if he could speak, he would. You can almost hear his voice, when he looks at you with his beautiful, huge eyes, so I had him tell his own story. Animals deserve to have their own voice anyway.
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by The Orphan Pet

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