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Retriever Training Drills: Lining & Handling

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Lining and handling are important aspects in your retriever training. Using environment and terrain features can set you and your labrador up for success. In the event your retriever didn't take the line you wanted, you'll need to be able to handle them either to the downed bird or at least downwind where they'll be able to catch the scent. All of these ins and outs come from spending time in the off season practicing.

This week, Josh DeWitt of Brookstone Kennels Performance Gundogs is covering everything from the beginning stages of teaching your retriever left, right, and back all the way to what to use to your advantage when it comes time to line your dog. Training time in the off season means success in the field and we're showing you how these drills lead to great retrieves in the field.

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posted by tiggerandmeyt

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