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Right after rescuing a mom and a puppy, another call for help came in...

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

I wish they called us sooner, so this rescue would have had an even better ending. We need your support so more rescues like this can happen. If you can donate $5 we would really appreciate it, and if you can't donate, we ask that you SHARE our videos on your favorite social media.

To make a small donation, please visit:

The only one out of this pack who is still looking for a home is VEGAS. She is so cute and loving, and if you would like to adopt her, please contact our friends at (Moondusk was adopted to a beautiful home)

Thank you Smooch Pooch for finding Bingo such a perfect home!
Also with the same organization we have KEANU who is still looking for a home. You can see his video on our channel... it was posted yesterday ;-)

Thanks for watching!

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