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Oscar Mora of Elevated Canine, an accomplished and well respected trainer here in Southern California, shares his experience with Luca his Rottweiler and Guapo his Belgian Malinois. He goes over the physical, mental, special talents of both breeds in regards to protection work. BELGIAN MALINOIS ARE AWESOME ★ AMAZING MALINOIS COMPILATION. STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER VS BELGIAN MALINOIS! The Best Guard Dog Breed For First Time Owners? PAM'S PACK OF MARVELOUS RESCUES (Re-up). Will Rottweiler protect his home and family? ROTTWEILER VS DOGO ARGENTINO! The Best Guard Dog Breed! Difference Between German and American Rottweilers. DOG TRAINING FUNDAMENTALS: LESSON 3 LURING. Do you want a malinois? PROFESSIONAL ROTTWEILER BREEDER EXPLAINS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GERMAN AND AMERICAN ROTWEILLERS. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH ROTTWEILER DOGS. BELGIAN MALINOIS VS RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK! The Best Guard Dog Breed! ROTTWEILER GROWING UP - 6 Weeks to 1 Year [1080p HQ]. Rottweiler training / how to eliminate fear and anxiety. ALL ABOUT ROTTWEILERS : THE BUTCHER'S DOG. CANE CORSO: BEST DOG PROTECTOR (Meryl and Marco).

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