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Rusty Jammed Rebar Cutter - Restoration

my mechanics

In this video i'm restoring a hopeless case of a super rusty rebar cutter.

People from all over the world send me pictures of their items they'd like to have restored by me in a video. Mostly the items do not look bad enough, not enough rust or not broken enough for an interesting video. However this rebar cutter caught my attention from the first look at it. Marco from Italy was so nice to ship it to me to Switzerland, he gave me this shear for free means he doesn't want to have it back. Thank you very much for that. Right when I saw the pictures I knew this would probably be a very challenging restoration because of all that rust. I assumed that it would be all seized up and a nightmare to disassemble and I was right. This cutter only has four bolts and is built together by only five parts, but I was busy with the disassembling for three days. It was very difficult to get the two big bolts out, specially the smaller one. It needed 12 tons on the hydraulic press and I needed to drill one bolt hollow. I made a lot of parts new on this project, I've only kept three parts original: the body and the two moving parts. As the handle was missing, I made a new one which required quite a few steps of machining, welding and grinding but the end result turned out very nice. As I almost made the whole thing new I decided to give this tool a modern touch with the choice of colour, that's why I went with orange.

I hope you like my work and the video.

Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:

Matthew Holcomb
Andreas Prüm
Adel AlSaffar
Alan Hanson
Amanda Taylor, Esq
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Joel Miller
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Vince Valenti
Zachary Grimes


00:00 preview
00:33 disassembling
04:07 showing all the parts
04:21 cleaning the parts with the parts washer
04:33 sandblasting
05:24 showing the sandblasted parts
05:31 restoring the body
07:01 restoring the movable jaw
07:37 restoring the movable gear part
08:14 making the small nut on the lathe
08:59 making the big nut
09:12 making the small bolt on the lathe
10:21 making the big bolt
10:35 making two washers for the bolts on the lathe
11:11 making two new M8 bolts and washers on the lathe
12:10 start of making the missing handle
12:15 preparing the tube on the lathe
12:54 making the domed cap on the lathe
13:20 welding the domed cap on the tube
13:29 cleaning up the welds of the domed cap on the lathe
13:46 making the connection piece to the tool on the lathe
14:57 milling the sides flat and welding up the plates
16:19 welding the connection piece on the tube and turn it clean on the lathe
16:50 making two threads in the connection piece
17:14 sandblasting the handle
17:28 bluing all the parts
18:08 painting the handle and the body
18:43 making two new cutting bits
19:20 hardening and tempering the cutting bits
20:03 showing all the parts before reassembling
20:17 reassembling
21:52 showing the finished restoration
22:43 final test

Time and costs of this restoration:

I was working on this project for 3.5 weeks
$60 painting (primer and orange coat)
$50 dinner for my friend for the hardening :-)

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)

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