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Safe-Cracking with Magnets and Thermite

The Modern Rogue

A final farewell to the warehouse... and the cursed safe that we've kept locked away deep within it.
⚠ don't try this on your own, obviously, fumes are bad, particles are bad, magnets are bad ⚠
🡇 --------------- extra material & accreditation --------------- 🡇
Unedited footage for this video ($5+ patrons):
Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds! | Mr. Locksmith™ Video
A comprehensive FAQ on magnets
How SentrySafe Fire Resistance Works
Thermite on Wikipedia
Hacking the System on Amazon Prime
Music used in this video:
"Smooth wit' any groove" by FloFilz x Psalm//Trees
"Palm Parallels" by Deeb
"Middle School feat. Magnus Klausen" by Blue Wednesday
"Where I Met You" by Moods
"Trinidad" by Ian Ewing
"Feel the Boogie" by Bassti

Most of the music from the show: http://bit.ly/mrspotify
Post-production powered by Doghouse Systems
This video was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood - host -- https://twitter.com/shwood
Jason Murphy - host -- https://instagram.com/captainmurphy
Brandt Hughes - camera operator / guest explainer / editor -- https://twitter.com/gatowag - https://instagram.com/gatowag
Bryce Castillo - camera operator / live audio engineer -- https://twitter.com/brycas
John Rael - camera operator -- https://twitter.com/skepticallypwnd
Scam Nation: https://youtube.com/scamschool
Patreon: https://patreon.com/modernrogue
Discord (patron reward): https://discord.gg/modernrogue
MR Articles: https://themodernrogue.com
Outtakes & BTS: https://youtube.com/scamstuff
Subreddit: https://modernrogue.reddit.com
Merch: https://shop.themodernrogue.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/modernrogueshow
Instagram: https://instagram.com/modernrogueshow
Facebook: https://facebook.com/modernrogues Someone Sent Me a 100+ LBS Box Of MYSTERY WEAPONS!! (VIDEO GAME KNIVES IN REAL LIFE). Secrets of Counterfeiting and Currency. Building a Gaming PC. Creating a Dust Fire Explosion. Creating REAL HALLUCINATIONS Without Drugs. How to open safe with lost combination, key, re-purpose repair reuse, part 2 of 3 safe cracking. Testing Penny Flash-Bangs. Testing a Semi-Automatic Pepper Spray Gun. Rapid Response Week: Choking. Defeating Predator-Vision (FLIR Cameras). Making Pruno (Prison Wine That Can Kill You). Understanding Absinthe. The Essentials to a Five-Bottle Bar. Crafting Knives out of Saw Blades. How to Dress Like a Badass in Vintage Clothes.

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