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Saint Bernards are coming to Dogumentary TV. I have had many request for the St. Bernard but there just aren't that many in Southern California. I was fortunate to come across, Anna and Katrina of K-9 Heroes up in the Santa Barbara area. They run a rescue and keep Harvey and Max two male Saint Bernards as anchors for their pack. Harvey and Max have a great combination of compassion and confidence which make them great examples for troubled dogs. German Shepherd Vs King Shepherd (Breed Info and Comparison). Baby Playing with St Bernard Dog A Beautiful friendship | Dog loves Baby Compilation. FOUND 2 SAINT BERNARD FROM THE STREET!! 15 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors and Retirees. Full grooming session of St. Bernard 8 months old Puppy | Adidog's The complete Pet Shop. Saint Bernard Dog Breed. Meeting the Saint Bernards of the Swiss Alps - Lonely Planet travel videos. AKC DOG SHOW CAL POLY. LIVESTOCK GUARDIANS: GREAT PYRENEES AND PYRENEAN MASTIFFS. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH SALUKIS: THE DESERT HOUND. Dogs 101 - Saint Bernard. A day with two puppies [The Return of Superman/2019.06.09]. Needy Saint Bernard watches playoffs with owner. How my pack responds to the alpha male 'cheating'. ALL ABOUT RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS: THE AFRICAN LION HUNTING DOG.

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