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Scared Puppy Becomes Best Friends With My Two Huskies! [THEY ARE FINALLY PLAYING!!!!]


Soooo hello everyone! If you didn’t already know this is lola our new addition to the fam. At the start lola has been so so timid and scared to go anywhere near any dogs. Ruperts over excitement really was scaring her too. Slowly we have worked her into the family to build her trust and now the cutest thing ever has happened as you can see at the start of the video lola the puppy is too scared to play. By the end of the video they are all playing like best friends and it’s the cutest thing ever to watch! Makes me so happy and very soon we will all be moving into our new big family home with so much more space we are so excited! So much more to come! Hope this makes you all smile as much as it does for me! Thanks for watching! Love you all!

posted by instinctual07do

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