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Shetland Sheepdog Dog Breed Guide

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Shetland Sheepdog Dog Breed Guide

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The Shetland Sheepdog is the best at his work when it comes to being a lovable bundle of fur. It also has an adorable nickname "Sheltie". It's tiny, it's fluffy and it's lovable above all. Everyone in a house just needs a lovable furball to cuddle with. But with so many adorable puppies out there which one are you going to get?

Shelties breed in Scotland from the rugged Shetland Islands. Their small size has some experts who claim their task was to protect small sheep from lesser hazards such as big birds.
The Sheltie became famous throughout England and Scotland in the early 1800s. A lot of farmers began to breed the Shelties to become more competitive and fluffier.

By 1908, the English Kennel Club would recognize the breed and began to name them the Shetland Collie. Many people hated the name and preferred to call it the Shetland Sheepdog, remaining true to its original intent and separating it from the Collies.

Shelties are not large dogs and others may say they are not small dogs. They don't grow that big and may even appear to undersize themselves.

Males are typically larger than females but to be important, the difference isn't that big. They weren't supposed to be large and intimidating. The Shetland Islands are really known for having a wide variety of very small animals.

Though tiny, be prepared to start cleaning your house more frequently. Shelties have a coat of double layers.

Be sure to peb at least twice a week over its long coat to make sure it remains safe. If you have an allergy condition, be careful as the dog fur can be very irritating to you.
Dr. Stanley Coren said the Shetland Sheepdog is one of the world's smartest dogs and ranks six out of a hundred and thirtyeight other dog breeds. He was surprised at the speed at which they could grasp the commands.

In his testing, it took the Sheltie to learn a new command just five repetitions, and it would perform ninetyfive percent of the time or better.

That being said, ensuring that your Sheltie has enough time to get out of the house for exercise is crucial. Originally it was meant to be a sheepdog so a good amount of walking and running is needed to stay healthy.

It is a very common choice for obedience competitions due to its temperament. Many sheepdogs are notoriously too lively and too rowdy. But the Sheltie is like a family cousin, calm and obedient.

You don't have to look further than the Shetland Sheepdog if you are looking to have a small dog that is easily trained and has good manners.

Take some time to remember how beautiful, controlled and cute it is when you are sitting on your couch at home with your lovable furball beside you. In the end, remember that the dog is only as amazing as its owner.


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