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Shih Tzu - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


TOP 10 interesting facts about Shih Tzu dog breed. Shih tzu is happy lovely and perky dog, that will enjoy every moment around their owners and family.

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Shih Tzu featured in this video:

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Shih Tzu height at the withers should be between 8-11 inches, which is 20-27 cms and their height should be between 9-16 pounds, which is 4-7,5 kg. Overall they are sturdy dogs with broad head and large dark round eyes.

Shih Tzu has roots in the Tibet and the Buddhist monks and their history goes back more than 1 000 years. But the breed was developed in China, where they lived in imperial palaces. The first documented Shih Tzu was imported to Britain in 1930.

Shih Tzu is often times mistaken with Lhasa Apso. Their appearance might be similar and both dogs have roots in Tibet, but their temperament is extremely different. While Shih Tzu is friendly cuddly companion, the Lhasa Apso is incredible watchdog.

Shih Tzu vs Lhasa Apso comparsion:'>

Shih Tzu Facts Timestamps:
00:26 Long history
00:46 Lion dog
01:00 World War II
01:24 Popularity
01:39 Celebrities
01:54 Appearance
02:12 Almost extinct
02:33 Personality
02:50 Difficult Housebreaking
03:10 Lhasa Apso

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