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Six Chow Chow Dog is dacing

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Six Chow Chow Dog is dacing
Chow chow dog is only recognized only know their employer, they are very loyal to the owner. If the stranger attacked, Chow chow will react immediately with all their ferocious.

Chow chow with thick fur and bushy, with two different kinds of smooth and rough. The most popular color of Chow chow dog is reddish brown, black, dark blue, beige, and gray may encounter. White is considered quite rare. Chow chow particularly purebred dog without fur patchy colors mixed together. Other characteristics of this breed is very impressive with large mane and make them like lions strokes. Need regular grooming with a brush because Chow chow dedicated sheds level pretty much. Chow chow short-haired species often hyperactive and malleable than the long-haired species.
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