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Sloughi / 99+1 Dog Breeds

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The Sloughi. This regal not so little madam is the definition of stubborn, she can be quite a handful. She’s very affectionate and the puppies need love and warmth from day one, but if you’re not a seasoned dog owner be prepared for a challenging time.

Elegant / Obstinate / Affectionate from birth / Not for the faint hearted

She’s a dog who prefers a single owner or a small family, she doesn’t care too much for strangers and lets them know by blanking them completely. She’s not snobby about living in a flat or apartment, doesn’t mind her own company and is wonderful with children.

Keeps select company / Aloof with strangers / Comfortable with herself / Loves kids

Keeping her tidy is easy enough, she doesn’t need much grooming and doesn’t dribble at all, but can leave hairy evidence round and about the home. But be warned, rowdy families scare this noble lady, and the stress can even make her sick, bless her.

Easy to groom / No drooling / Does malt though / Hates stress

Training can be a challenge, she’s a clever one with a great drive to chase anything and everything, so maybe think twice if you have a cat or smaller dog; if you have rabbits… forget it. She can sometimes get the wanderlust, so keep an eye on her, or she’ll walk...

Tough to train / Chases stuff… a lot / Wanders off

...And walk far too. She has loads of energy and really needs her exercise, so get to know her, and you’ll feel when she’s restless, which is often like it or not, you’re going to get fit.

Fitness freak / Great example!

Interesting facts: This dog is one of the best at lure coursing, that’s tearing like crazy around a track after a mechanical rabbit to you and me.

Amazing lure courser

The Sloughi. A handful, but a wonderful friend.

A wonderful friend.

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