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A quick panel from scratch in the style of a shebbie chic. Master Class :)

Valeri R Волшебный Мир ручного творчества

Translated to Google Translate:
In this master class you will learn how to quickly create an original panel from improvised materials. The style of the work itself, as well as the image inside, and the design of the frame, can be anything, there is where to "accelerate" your imagination!
By the way, such a panel can be presented as a nice little souvenir to the day of 8 matra, especially if you know the tastes of the gifted))
This work is done in the style of the shebbie chic, this is another addition to the interior of my Mamuli's room in this style :).
I would be glad if the idea turns out to be useful to you :)
I thank all who signed, I am very pleased that I like the work, I will try to please you with new interesting videos :) Welcome to my channel, I'm always glad to see you all!
Thin, dense cardboard;
Napkin for decoupage;
Trafaret (selfmade or purchased);
Chirkul, I replaced it with kitchen covers)));
Blush for varnish;
Brush for decoupage;
Alternated acrylic;
Coss of any decorative paper (you can wallpaper), to design the reverse part;
Rating reels;
For the inside, a piece of sacking;
For the frame itself, you can use both burlap and any other suitable textured fabric;
Sintepon (preferably lithium);
A link to my blog in the Masters Country is on the main page of my channel :)
I wish you all a magical creative inspiration!
Sincerely, Valeria.

posted by kassad86di